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Pic Edit

Фотографія Утиліти
Розробник: Photo & Video Labs
19.99 USD

Take a sit and smile! New photo app for your Mac! Pic Edit - everything you need for taking and editing photo in one app. Great filters, nice frames, you and your friends in front of the camera! Remember and save all your memories at pictures.

HOW TO USE: Pic Edit its the easiest way to take photo and edit it without a lot of settings and knowledge. Take a photo, select filter that you liked the most, select a nice frame and save to your album on Mac. Share favorite photos with your friends and family.

Pic Edit photo tool features:
- HD photo quality
- A lot of awesome filters and effects
- Great collection of funny frames
- Special design for desktop

Inscribe every important moment in your life, Pic Edit always will help you!